About Kroc

Matt “Kroc” Kroczaleski is a world champion and world record holding powerlifter as well as a national caliber bodybuilder. One of the very few lifters that combines otherworldly strength with an equally impressive physique, Matt is the 2006 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic WPO Powerlifting Middle Weight Champion and in 2009 became the all-time world record holder in the 220lb class posting a 2551lb total via 1003lb squat, 738lb bench press and an 810lb deadlift. However, it isn’t Kroc’s records or titles that he is most well-known for rather it is his mental toughness, insane work ethic, training intensity and ability to overcome adversity. Kroc has very likely suffered and overcome more injuries than any active lifter in bodybuilding or powerlifting today. Kroc’s list of injuries include a torn left calf, torn right quadriceps, torn left pec, torn left lat, separated right acromioclavicular joint, two detached biceps tendons, he has torn his right triceps once and left several times and has also suffered numerous back injuries. Several of these injuries have required surgical repair and many others would have been career ending for many lifters. Matt is also a cancer survivor having been diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2004.

Also a former Marine Matt served in the USMC from ’91-’95 and was selected for Presidential Security duty serving under President Clinton. Matt’s tour of duty included time in Washington DC where he provided security for many admirals and generals that were assigned to the Pentagon as well as some of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was also assigned to security duty for then Secretary of State Warren Christopher during the United Nations Conferences in ’93. Matt was later assigned to the security force at the Presidential retreat at Camp David from ’94-’95.

After leaving Marine Corps active duty Matt then entered college and after six years graduated from Ferris State University and is now a registered pharmacist working in the specialty pharmacy division of Walgreens. Kroc is a sponsored athlete under contract with both Elitefts and MuscleTech. Matt is also an author and model having appeared in and published articles in many magazines including Men’s Fitness, Powerifting USA, MuscleMag and Muscle & Fitness as well as being one of the featured authors for Tnation. Today in addition to being one of the most popular and successful powerlifters in the world Matt is also a proud father of three amazing sons.