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Squats 3-3

Reverse band squats 145×10,235×10,325×8,415×5,505×5,555×5,625×5Banded leg press (2-shortened light bands adding resistance) 715+bands x 40,805+bands x 30,895+bands x 20,985+bands x 10Standing 1-leg band leg curls (no rest just trading back and forth) monster mini x 20,20,20,20 Ham killers BWx12,12,12,12Occluded Bulgarian split squats (30 sec rest between sets) BWx15,15,15,15,15 Beginning to do some strength work again. Worked […]

Arms at the Arnold 3-1

Dumbbell inclines curls 30×15,35×15,40×15,45×15,50×15Hammer strength ISO-lateral curl machine 40×20,50×20,60×20,70×20,80×20,90×20,100×20Pushdowns 70×15,90×15,110×15,130×15,150×15Hammer strength ISO-lateral triceps extension machine 50×20,60×20,70×20,80×20,90×20,100×20 Trained arms early Saturday morning with my good friend Marc Megna at Beyond Limits a smaller but serious gym in downtown Columbus. I loved the atmosphere there and it’s always cool to be surprised by finding a good gym […]

Shoulders at the Arnold 2-28

Seated dumbbell power cleans 30×15,35×15,40×15,45×15,50×15Plate raises 45×20,90×20,20,20Bent cable laterals 50×20,20,20Band pull aparts (shortened light band) x 30,30,30 Brian Mohr one of the owners of D1 Sports Training facility in Columbus, Ohio was nice enough to let me into his training facility after hours and trained shoulders with me. He’s a former college and minor league […]

Legs 2-24

Reverse band squats 145×10,235×10,325×8,415×5,505×5,555×5,600×5Banded leg press (2-shortened light bands adding resistance) 445+bands x 10,535+bands x 10,625+bands x 10,715+bands x 10,805+bands x 10,895+bands x 10,985+bands x 10Ham killers BWx12,12,12,12Dumbbell stiff legged deads 200×8,8,8Occluded Bulgarian split squats (30 sec rest between sets) BWx15,15,15,15,15 Worked up to 600×5 on the reverse band squats which is nothing to brag […]

Arms 2-23

Dumbbell incline curls 25×10,35×10,40×10,10,10,10Reverse curls (10 full range reps followed by 6 partials in the bottom of each rep)90×10+6,90×10+6,90×10+6,90×10+6Occluded seated barbell curls (resting for 30 seconds between each set)95×30,20,10,10Rope pushdowns (performing 20 reps then resting 45 seconds and going to failure then repeating) 200×20,33 200×20,26Seated overhead rope extensions 150×20,160×16,170×12,180×8Occluded 1-arm pushdowns (just trading arms back […]

Shoulders 2-22

Seated dumbbell power cleans 30×15,35×15,40×15,45×15,50×15,55×15Seated chain lateral raises (50lbs of chain per side) x 20,20,20,20Band pull aparts (30 sec rest periods) shortened light band x 20,20,20,20,20,20Behind neck presses 135×10,185×10,225×10,275×10,10,10 Usual shoulder stuff. Just trying to get them to keep growing and continue to improve the balance between my front and rear delts.

Back 2-21

Dumbbell rows 80×10,120×10,210×10,10,10Chins (4 different grips) BWx10,10,10,10Straight arm lat pulldowns 100×10,10,10,10Barbell dead stop rows 45×10,135×10,185×10,225×10,275×10 Usual back stuff for right now. Plan on hitting some deads during my next back session.

Chest 2-20

Reverse band bench 225×10,315×10,405×5,455×5,520×5,5,5,5,5Dumbbell bench 50×10,80×10,100×8,120×8,145×8,155×8Incline bench 135×6,185×6,225×6,275×6,315×6Chain flyes 75×20,20,20,20 Just working on my pressing a bit. I plan to work into some heavier stuff soon.

Legs 2-19

Standing band leg curls (monster mini) x 20,20,20,20+20 partials out of stretched positionChain safety bar squats (150lbs of chain and 60 sec rest periods) 60+150×8,150+150×8,240+150×8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8Leg presses with added band resistance (30-45 sec rest periods) (2- doubled light bands)+445×8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8Stiff legged deads with t-bar row 2 plates x 12, 3 plates x 12, 4 plates x 12,12,12 […]

Arms 2-18

Rope pushdowns (45 sec rest periods)100×10,150×10,180×10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10Pronated kickbacks (90 sec rest periods)35×6,40×6,45×6,50×6Skull crushers (90 sec rest periods-slow and controlled) 110×15,15Hammer curls (45 sec rest periods)30×15,40×15,60×8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8Cable curls (90 sec rest periods)150×8,160×8,170×8,180×8,190×8,200×20 I prefer heavy weights and basic movements for chest, back, and leg training but for arms lots of reps with short periods definitely works best for […]