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Effective Goal Setting

Redefine your expectations Probably the most important aspect of goal setting is defining exactly what you want to achieve and what you believe to be possible. Many of us become too complacent and satisfied with where we are and cease striving for constant and continual improvement. This is especially common if you are already the […]

Product of Your Desires

You hear people talk all the time about how someone is a product of his or her environment. This is almost always the case when someone has done something that other people look down upon and consider wrong or distasteful. The argument is used as an excuse for the person as if they had no […]

Big Benching for Strength and Size

There is no denying that the bench press is the king of upper body exercises. It is a matter of pride in the gym and out as well as the most common measure of your weight lifting acumen. We all want to bench big and most of us probably enjoy performing this exercise more than […]