Arms 2-23

Dumbbell incline curls 25×10,35×10,40×10,10,10,10
Reverse curls (10 full range reps followed by 6 partials in the bottom of each rep)90×10+6,90×10+6,90×10+6,90×10+6
Occluded seated barbell curls (resting for 30 seconds between each set)95×30,20,10,10
Rope pushdowns (performing 20 reps then resting 45 seconds and going to failure then repeating) 200×20,33 200×20,26
Seated overhead rope extensions 150×20,160×16,170×12,180×8
Occluded 1-arm pushdowns (just trading arms back and forth)100×15,15,15,15,15

Another good arm session.

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