Kroc Row Dumbbell Handles now available at Elitefts!

If you want a freaky strong upper back get them here:

Kroc Dumbbell Handle

Kroc Dumbbell Handle
After a much longer than expected process the Kroc Row Handles are finally available at Elitefts. I think my product description pretty much says it all.

“My main goal with the Kroc Row Dumbbell Handles was to make them virtually indestructible and we have succeeded.

These handles are made of a special alloy steel which has gone through our proprietary heat-treating process which balances strength and durability. We are so confident in this product that we will provide a free replacement handle if anyone manages to bend or break them while training in the gym. They are expected to hold up to 3,000lbs without bending or breaking. Yes that’s 1.5 tons!

I also had the knurling made to my exact specifications meaning that they provide excellent grip without tearing your hands to shreds. The inside collars are strong and welded into place and will never move or break loose. The outside collars are made with a T-handle quick lock design that adjusts quickly and easily but also provides excellent holding power. There is a flat groove in the bar itself where the collar nut should be tightened which adds even more holding power.

They are 36″ in length and when loaded with standard ten-pound plates the Kroc Row Dumbbell Handles will hold up to 350 total pounds (plates NOT included).

In short, I designed these dumbbell handles to be the strongest, most durable and easiest to use on the market.”

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  1. sand mitra October 8, 2013 at 1:40 pm #

    Awesome. Will be ordering these since I’m progressing really fast on kroc rows

  2. ボストンバック 安い December 1, 2013 at 1:04 pm #

    エドウィンとリーバイス ボストンバック 安い

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