Legs 2-24

Reverse band squats 145×10,235×10,325×8,415×5,505×5,555×5,600×5
Banded leg press (2-shortened light bands adding resistance) 445+bands x 10,535+bands x 10,625+bands x 10,715+bands x 10,805+bands x 10,895+bands x 10,985+bands x 10
Ham killers BWx12,12,12,12
Dumbbell stiff legged deads 200×8,8,8
Occluded Bulgarian split squats (30 sec rest between sets) BWx15,15,15,15,15

Worked up to 600×5 on the reverse band squats which is nothing to brag about but it is the most weight I’ve had on my back in awhile and it did feel good.

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