Squats 3-3

Reverse band squats 145×10,235×10,325×8,415×5,505×5,555×5,625×5
Banded leg press (2-shortened light bands adding resistance) 715+bands x 40,805+bands x 30,895+bands x 20,985+bands x 10
Standing 1-leg band leg curls (no rest just trading back and forth) monster mini x 20,20,20,20
Ham killers BWx12,12,12,12
Occluded Bulgarian split squats (30 sec rest between sets) BWx15,15,15,15,15

Beginning to do some strength work again. Worked up to 625×5 on the reverse band squats. Felt fine but I trained alone tonight and will need a training partner soon if I’m going to keep increasing the weight on the bar. I did these raw and walked them out each set.

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  1. Jared April 15, 2014 at 11:05 pm #

    Hey Matt,

    I saw your log was no longer on elitefts and that there haven’t been any updates here for over a month. Are you logging your training somewhere else these days? I always look forward to the next update.

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